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“A scared world needs a Fearless Church.” – A.W. Tozer


There was a time when church was the one place of refuge and truth.


No more.


The Bible warns about the day when the church would be as full of deception as the world. The political and social crisis over the last several years has proven this is not something to come, this is something that is.

People are awakening to a stunning revelation:  Christianity, the Church System, is in an Unholy Alliance with The Deep State - an Alliance the Bible calls Babylon, or at least a Babylon Type System.

We never realized we were born into this deception. Deception reigns from the White House, to the Halls of Congress, to the Church House across this great nation. It's time to go deeper and take back the Truth and Restore the Glory of God.

FIFTH VISION, and Churches like us, feel called by God to be that Fearless Church to lead a Spiritual Revolution that will transform Christianity and its place in the world.


The Fearless Church has a God-Given Biblical Mandate:

Recapture the Glory of God in His Word, His People, and His House.

Expose the darkness and corruption that has infiltrated the Established Church System, the Government, and Society as a whole.


Take back the truth, power, and authority of God’s Word – Scripture Alone – by exposing and removing the man-made doctrines, like Dispensationalism, that have deceptively changed/exchanged the truth with a fabrication of the truth.

Go deeper and unlock the truths of the Word of God that the Established Church System has corrupted, explained away, or purposefully ignored.

Restore the supernatural love, fire, and the presence of God that has been stolen from the People of God.


Fight the injustice that is robbing God’s Children of our God given birthright, blessing, and destiny.


Follow the Holy Spirit and lead Christians back to the innocence of a deep and intimate relationship with Jesus.


The words of urgency from Jude, Jesus' half-brother, are leading this Revolution - "Dear friends, although I was very eager to write to you about the salvation we share, I felt COMPELLED to write and URGE you to CONTEND (fight) for the faith that was once and for all entrusted to God's holy people." - Jude 1:3


It’s time for the People of God to wake up, face the truth, and take back the Ministry of Jesus from the Elites and the Church System who have compromised and corrupted the faith.


What will this type ministry look like ultimately?

Only the Holy Spirit has that answer.


But that is the beauty of it. To step out into the unknown and let God do what only God can do. To be part of a move of the Holy Spirit that very few in history ever get to be part of.

The Tag Line for FIFTH VISION reads: "Transforming a Broken World and a Broken Church to Restore the Glory of God" - Unless the Holy Spirit opens your eyes to the truth, and unless you are willing to face that truth, you won't see it or understand it.


We are blazing this trail. Exposing the darkness and evil that has unknowingly captured the heart, mind, and soul of this nation, the world, and especially the church, to set the people free of the lies and deception that permanent our existence.

But more importantly, we are calling Christianity back to the truth that is our faith, that the Established Church has stolen from us unaware.


We are calling Christians back to take our rightful place to be, and to do, the ministry of Christ that Jesus himself called us to.

We invite you to join us on this journey to restore the Glory of God in this day. 

At FIFTH VISION, we stand fearless and we contend for the FAITH and the TRUTH, even if we STAND ALONE.

Welcome to the Revolution.

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