"A Spiritual Revolution"

 This is a very Surreal Picture of a Ship in the Middle of a Desert.


A Ship that has…

Lost its Way.

Lost its Purpose.

Lost its Anchor.

Lost its Glory.


It is a Picture that Captures Perfectly the Heart and Spirit of the World and the Church today.


FIFTH VISION is a MORE than a Church…


It’s a ‘Spiritual Revolution’ to Transform a ‘Broken World’ and a ‘Broken Church.’


A Vision to Empower You to be the Glory of God in this Life. 

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"A Spiritual Revolution"


Standing face to face with what was considered the literal 'Gates of Hell'

in the pagan world, Jesus proclaimed His Revolution:

"On this rock I will build My Church and the

'Gates of Hell' shall NOT overcome it."



This was the 'Place' and this is the 'Charge' Jesus gave His Church -

"To stand fearlessly in the face of Darkness and Evil."




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"Our Revolution Is For People

Like You"

FIFTH VISION is a Church specifically called and equipped by God for the Day in which we are living in.


How great of a Church will FIFTH VISION be?

Our glory is not our focus.

Our Revolution is for people like you.


Reaching people with the truth...

Investing in people's lives and their purpose...

Mentoring people to become everything God created them to be...


Empowering people to live the truth of God and to change the world...


This will be the FIFTH VISION LEGACY.

Zechariah 4:6 ‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’

says the Lord Almighty.