Before walking into a new Church for the first time people wonder...


What are they like?


What style of music?


What do I wear?


Will I be accepted?


Will I fit in?

What Should You Expect On

A Sunday Morning Service?

There is no dress-code. Come the way you feel comfortable or the way you feel led. Joel 2:13 says, “Give your heart and not your clothes.”  We are focused on YOU, not the way you dress.


During services expect lots of Interaction between Pastor Jeff and the audience. Positive, uplifting, non-judgmental, non-condemning and at the same time eye-opening, challenging and a life-

changing encounter.


Worship music may be contemporary, hymns, different gendres etc. We use creative arts such as drama, interpreted dance, etc.


We will not put God in a box. Yet, we will not compromise the heart, spirit or the truth of the Word of God.


We are a Transformational Church - focused on restoring lives, empowering people, and engaging the culture. 


FIFTH VISION is a family like no other church you've known.

We love, laugh, and cry together. We believe in one another.


We are Driven by a Vision and Passion to love and change the world.

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