Your Story???

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The Real You?

People love FIFTH VISION because you can be you.


You can be real and never worry you will be judged or not loved.


But let’s get serious… Who is the ‘Real You’?


What in your life needs to be healed, changed, be unleashed, be transformed, before you will ever connect and know the 'Real You'?


A Story To Tell...

Every person has a story to tell.

Most people do their ‘own thing’.

When the whole time the Creator of the Universe created something in you so amazing that it will shake the world to its core to see it.


Every church has a story to tell.

Most churches choose to do the ‘church thing’.

Funny… Nowhere in the Bible did Jesus ever say to 'go to church'.

He called us to BE THE CHURCH.

He called us to CHANGE THE WORLD.

Our Goal Is Two Fold

First: To bring you face to face with God.

And let God do in you what ONLY God can do.

You will see the evidence of God in your life, even if you've been blind to it before. You will see yourself and your story in the Word of God and you will know it’s real because He revealed it to you.


Second: To bring you face to face with Yourself.


What you do with this... Is between you and God.


Until you face these two things... You will never know the Real You.


We are not here to judge you. We are going to love you, invest in you, and believe in you the way Jesus does. We will challenge you and ourselves with the truth and let Jesus' love, mercy and grace heal us, change us, and empower us.



We are not doing the ‘Church thing’.


We are teaching and empowering people to ‘be the church’.

Challenging ourselves to be the heart and soul of Jesus to the world.


Come help us write that story.


Let us help you write your story.


And together with God...

We will save... heal... and change the world.


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